Where did this journey begin?

Finding when my interest in better writing instruments began is like finding a pay phone in a cell phone world. But even so I can say my current journey started when listening to podcasts on the 5BY5 network, I found that some were moving to Relay FM. While checking out the list of Relay FM podcasts, I noticed the Pen Addict Podcast with Brad Dowdy and Myke Hurley. I listened to a current episode and like Alice I was headed down the rabbit hole with no idea what was going to happen to me. Now that I have learned a little more about these two, I have to say Myke going to XOXO in 2013 led to my own journey.

As evidence I put forward 2 parallel stories. Myke attended XOXO in 2013 then in 2014 left his day job and started Relay.fm in 2014. Brad attended XOXO in 2014 and has now determined to make the Pen Addict and his company Nock Co his full time job. He has not left his current job yet, but it appears XOXO ignites the entrepreneurial spirit. So Myke went to XOXO and then  launched relay.fm which lead to me looking around because other podcasts I listen to where moving. That is how I discovered the Pen Addict and started my journey.

I could not help but pay closer attention to what I was using to write notes. My first step was to survey the pens I was using regularly as well as the 4 pen cups that I had in my office. At first I naïvely thought I could decide on a single pen. Next it seemed maybe a few pens and pencils for specific purposes would be good. Then I realized I needed to choose paper, notebook styles, and ink too. I started this blog when it occurred to me that thinking of this as a task was going to turn me into Sisyphus with no way of ever completing my task of finding the perfect pen. It is not a task to be crossed off with said pen in the perfect notebook. It is a journey and everyone’s journey will be different. This is the the story of My Pen Journey. My first posts will catch up to where I am so far, but I expect the journey to continue indefinitely. Changes it what I am doing or new products or even new discoveries will keep the journey going.


If you want to follow along, the next topic is what did I find when I looked at the pens I was using and already owned?

Thanks for reading,

Caligraphy Jack

p.s. Write someone a letter.


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