Rhodia Drive – The Paper Project – Week #10

As part of the Rhodia Drive – The Paper Project – Week #10 I received 3 paper samples. I tried quite a few pens and inks on the samples. The papers are one A5 size sheet each of Clairfontaine Classic white/violet ruled 90g, Clairfontaine Triomphe white/violet ruled 90g and R by Rhodia Premium Ivory, grey ruled 90g.

My favorite of these three was the Rhodia. I have been using Tomoe River paper a lot recently and while it performs very well, its parchment like feel is not as suitable in some situations as the Rhodia. I want to mention the pens that I thought really wrote well on the Rhodia all in one place:

  • Esterbrook 9950 desk pen
  • Sheaffer Legacy F nib
  • Pilot Metropolitan M nib
  • Fisher Space Pen
  • Sharpie Pen
  • Retro 51 Tornado
  • Pilot G-2 0.7

Now let’s look at more detail starting with the non-fountain pens: After writing just one line with various pens, the no brainer is to use any of these papers with a Retro 51 Tornado and enjoy writing. The Retro 51 was crisp and extra smooth. The Sharpie Pen also wrote really well on all three papers. The other non-fountain pens I tried (see the images) were good but not as nice as the Retro 51 or the Sharpie Pen. In fairness while the Tombow refill was kind of blobby I used a 20 year old refill. I need to get a new one because that is a rugged pen I love to throw in the bottom of my computer bag. The Signo DX and Pilot G2 were also good but the Pilot Hi-Tec-C 0.3 was noticeably scratchier than normal on these papers. As listed above the Fisher Space Pen was very good on the Rhodia paper. It seemed about like normal on the Clairfontaine papers.

The fountain pens were generally good on the Clairfontaine papers. No surprise.  But they flow best on the R by Rhodia Premium. To me the standout fountain pens were the Pilot Metropolitan (borrowed from my wife), the Legacy and the Esterbrook. The Metropolitan and the Legacy are no surprise to me. They are my favorite pens to write with. But normally the Esterbrook is scratchy and skips some, but on all three papers it was great. These papers made me want to use it more. What else could you want in a paper?

I am including images of the various pens on each of the three papers even though the paper colors did not reproduce well. The white paper is very white and the ivory is nice, slightly yellow to my eye. I will work on my photography setup. I tried scanning as well. The paper colors were more accurate but not the ink. The ink color in these images seems pretty accurate. Click on the images for a higher resolution image.

Clairfontaine Classic
Clairfontaine Classic 90g white with violet rule lines
Clairfontaine Triomphe
Clairfontaine Triomphe 90g white with violet rule lines
R by Rhodia Premium
R by Rhodia Premium 90g ivory with grey rule lines

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