Delivery From Nock Co

We now interrupt the slowly unfolding story of my pen journey for a special delivery – from Nock Co. Having checked the tracking early this morning it looked like this would come on Tuesday, after the President’s Day holiday. Instead it showed up on Saturday – a Valentine’s present to myself.

I had been checking every now and then for the colors I like to come back into stock. I was writing a letter to Nock Co as part of the International Correspondence Writing Month (InCoWriMo). I had just written that I was wwatching the stock and decided I should stop writing and double check. Sure enough the Fodderstack and Brasstown were both now available in the colors I was waiting for. I finished the letter and made my order.

Now it was here and even though I had ordered it earlier in the week, I was anxious to see the what was inside this plain white envelope.


This is what my order looked like – the Fodderstack in midnight with a bluejay interior, a set of 3 x 5 DotDash Note Cards and a Brasstown also in midnight but with a foliage interior.


So it was time to load them up. Here is the Fodderstack with some 3×5 cards and my Sheaffer Legacy. I have been using that pen more and more. I will have to see how I end up using the cards. I may stash more of a backup pen in here than the Legacy.


Here is the Brasstown loaded and all closed up.Figuring out just what to carry in this going to take more time.IMG_0009

Here are the pens I loaded for the minute. Front the left, a Lamy Safari fountain pen, Lamy Swift roller ball, Waterman Expert fountain pen, Edison Nouveau Premiere in Majestic Pine, Noodler’s Creaper Flex in Lapis Inferno and a Paola Tommasi roller ball. If the Legacy moves in here the Paola Tommasi will be out.


Even harder to figure out is what else to add to the main section of the Brasstown. I pulled a few things together to try it.


From the left, a Zebra Sarasa gel, retractable blue Sharpie Pen, Blackwing pencil, Pilot Hi-Tec-C gel pen, highlighter, Musemee Notier precision stylus, retractable X-Acto knife. I think some more pencils and a sharpener make a lot of sense. More colors of gel pens or even of the Sharpie Pen would also be nice. I am not sure how much is practical to fit. I can certainly hold more than this trial has in it.


Now that I think about it, I guess this post is a part of my pen journey. Lots of pens are part of the journey and so is how to carry them.

Thanks for reading,

Caligraphy Jack

p.s. Send someone a card.


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