Pen Case Surprise

I just posted about loading my new Nock Co cases but my wife surprised me with a Valentine’s Day gift.

Franklin-Cristoph 3 pen case

If you can’t quite make out the logo it is a Franklin-Cristoph and it is the new home for my 3 favorite pens. Of course that makes it the 3 pen case and it is the black model. I like the contrasting gold stitching. The case has reenforced rectangular shape which protects your pens. Also the flap closes over the pens to protect the clips and caps. There are elastic sections that keep the pens from rubbing each other. The flap is a little stiff but since it is leather it should break in.


Here are the three pens I am currently carrying in this case. From the left:

  • Waterman Expert Dune Red
  • Sheaffer Legacy 1 – Black Laquer/Palladium GT
  • Edison Nouveau Premiere Majestic Pine


I moved my Retro 51 Tornado Jack (see the logo picture) to the Fodderstack. It is great for quick notes. I have been practicing some simple hand lettering on the 3×5 cards and leaving them around the house for my wife.

Thanks for reading,

Caligraphy Jack

p.s. Get out a favorite pen and write someone a quick note.


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