Looking Back: A New, To Me, Kind of Pen

At some point I was wandering through a local shopping center and went into a stationary store. This particular one is gone now but they had lots of gifts and greeting cards and probably did most of their business in invitations. But the thing I was drawn to was a display of interesting pens. I tried some and a couple were a whole new writing experience – smooth, clean , dark lines. I didn’t know it at the time but they were roller balls. Plus they were cool looking – metal and modern.

Tombow Object Rollerball
Tombow Object Rollerball
Lamy Swift Rollerball
Lamy Swift Rollerball

One was a Tombow Object and the other a Lamy Swift. The Object was a capped pen and the Swift is retractable but with a cool extra. When you click the knock to write the clip retracts to make a smooth body. It also keeps you from clipping it into your pocket with the rollerball still exposed and ruining your clothes.

Clip out and rollerball retracted
Clip out and rollerball retracted
Clip in and rollerball ready to write
Clip in and rollerball ready to write

I guess I was not the only one to like these since they are still made. I have used both of these a fair amount but the Tombow always seemed tough enough to just throw in the bottom of my computer bag. It shows the wear but has held up well.

Tombow Object Clip
Well worn but still good

Next, an inexpensive habit leads to some real spending.

Caligraphy Jack


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