Chicago Pens

One thing I used to do before so many things were online, was to browse through the magazine section of large bookstores. I would look for less common titles that looked interesting. You might come across things and think, I can’t believe there is a magazine dedicated to this. The exciting ones were magazines that seemed interesting to me. That is how I discovered Pen World. Then as now, Pen World skewed to the really expensive pens. But it did show me just how much existed.
Waterman Expert CappedI had a business trip to Chicago coming up, this was about 20 years ago, and I found a few pen stores. I came home with a Sheaffer Legacy (the first year it was released)  and a Waterman Expert from a shop who carried the latest stuff. The Legacy is black lacquer with a 23k gold inlaid fine nib and a silver cap with gold clip. The Expert  is also a fine nib and the body and cap are Dune Red. I am currently using both of these pens quite a lot. The Legacy is my normal letter writing pen.
Sheaffer Legacy CappedSheaffer Legacy Nip and ClipWaterman Expert Crossed
I also picked up a few of older pens from a place that was a little hard to find. An older gentleman was working on pens and sitting at a desk with lots of little storage cubbies around him. He was working on pens when I came in and when I left. I ended up getting an Esterbrook Desk Set which I use these days.
Esterbrook Desk Pen OpenEsterbrook Desk Pen Capped
I also picked up three pens that were fine 20 years ago but now need more work.
Sheaffer Imperial Nib And Clip One is a Sheaffer Imperial with a gold cross hatched pattern. Unfortunately late last year a part of the section threads broke.
The second pen is a Parker black rubber ring top button filler. I was recently told that it does not seem to have the original nib. Several people think a Lucky Curve nib would be correct on it. This is my oldest pen and seems to be from around 1916.
Parker Lucky CurveParker Lucky Curve Capped
The third pen is a Koh-I-Noor Rapidograph which seemed clogged the last time I tired to use it. I’ll say more about each of these pens in the future.
Kohinoor Rapidograph ClipKohinoor Rapidograph Capped
This could have been the start of nice collection which could have grown over the 20+ years, but it did not work out that way. Next time, I will share what did happen.
Thanks for reading,
Caligraphy Jack
p.s. Write a loved one a letter.

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