Life and Death of a Pocket Notebook

Once upon a time, May 2015, there was a beloved pocket notebook. Well IMG_0114maybe I didn’t love it, but I was quite fond of it. And rightfully so. It was a nice blue Two Rivers edition Field Notes notebook. It dutifully travelled in the back pocket of my jeans. Daily I made various notes in it, some transitory like a grocery list, and others so deeply profound they could change the course of history. By August the notebook was almost full. Then, in a moments inattentiveness, the beautiful notebook was left in my jeans pocket as the jeans made their traditional trek into the wash cycle.

IMG_0196What came out of the other end of the wash cycle was truly sad, even tragic. The notebook paper did not hold up well to its return to its origins as a watery pulp. Still it had not completely disintegrated. After letting it dry, the pages of this once handsome Two Rivers notebook could be teased apart.




The survival of the ink was more varied. Some was completely erased. Some was faded to someplace between faintly visible to IMG_1139illegible. But some writing survived intact.

I noticed that the surviving writing was all in black. Surveying my modest store of ink, I discovered there was only one black ink in use. An ink that I had chosen based mostly on the cleverness of the name – Heart of Darkness. I hope my thinking that is clever is not too telling on my personal outlook. I will right here claim an ironic streak to my tastes, like the ringtone for my wife of 26 years being Victim of Love. But back to the Heart of Darkness, the ink I mean. I did know that some inks hold up better to water. Some are more tamper resistance. Some are permanent. So I went to checkout where Noodler’s Heart of Darkness fell on these scales. Turns out it is considered water resistant or even bulletproof. I am not setup to shoot a bullet through the writing to test this last assertion. Although it occurs to me now that it means bulletproof as a measure or permanence. That label I can vouch for. It was more than a match for Gain detergent, a top load Samsung washing machine and all the water thrown at it.


Unfortunately none of the deeply profound, history changing notes, were written in Heart of Darkness. They are tragically lost to humanity.


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