How Many Pens Must I Ink Up?

Recently I started writing a line with each of my currently inked pens. The completed list contained twenty pens and inks. Keeping twenty fountain pens writing properly proves difficult. I decided to reduce this number. Documenting why I inked each of these pens inked gives me some insight into how to reduce this number.

Pondering the various uses for my pens, I distilled it into the following categories:

  • pocket pens
  • note taking
  • desk pens
  • good writers
  • color choices

Some pens fit into more than one category but I assigned each to the predominate category for its use.

Here is the list of pens and inks in the order I picked then up. I will be talking about each category soon and finish with a post discussing what I learned and modifications to how I ink my pens.

2016-07-27 currently inkd list

  • Pelikan M205 medium nib – Edelstein Amethyst
  • TWSBI 580 extra fine nib – Diamine Florida Blue
  • Waterman Expert medium nib – Caran d’Ache Vibrant Green
  • Waterman Expert medium nib – Iroshizuku tsuyo-kusa
  • Waterman Expert fine nib – Caran d’Ache Infra Red
  • Pilot Metropolitan fine nib – Sailor Shigure
  • Edison Nouveau Premiere – Setz-Kreunznach Dark Orchid
  • Franklin-Christopher 02 – Franklin-Christopher Blue Denim
  • Sheaffer Legacy f nib – Ackerman 23 Bekakt Haags
  • Retro 51 Postmaster medium nib – R&K Sunfower
  • Aurora Style medium nib – Lamy Blue
  • Pilot Vanishing Point – Mont Blanc JFK
  • Lamy AL Star fine nib – Lamy Copper Orange
  • Lamy AL Star medium nib – Edelstein Adventurine
  • Lamy Safari extra fine nib – Lamy Dark Lilac
  • Karas Kustoms INK Masuyama cursive italic – Lamy Green
  • Kaweco Sport fine nib – Cross Blue
  • Sheaffer Snorkel Desk Pen medium nib – Anderson Pens Greensboro Bay
  • Sheaffer Snorkel Desk Pen medium nib – DeAtramentis Alexander Hamilton
  • Franklin-Christopher Pocket 40 – OMAS Turquoise

2016-07-31 currently inked

Check back for more in this series.

Pick up one of your pens and write someone a letter.

Caligraphy Jack


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