Good Writers

good writers

I am not talking about people who are good writers, but pens that write well. A few of my pens I think of as primarily good writers. I like keeping them ready for a cardletter or note. Each one of these pens deserves a quick mention.

section and nib

My Karas Kustoms INK with a Franklin-Christoph Masuyama cursive italic nib writes great. The combination of heftflow, and italic often matches my mood for quick card or note.


nib by cap

often reach for my smooth writing Edison Nouveau Premiere with a stub nib when writing a letter. This beauty is the Majestic Pine special edition from Goulet Pens. This light weight pen produces less fatigue in longer writing sessions.

Legacy Posted Small

My next good writer is a Sheaffer Legacy with a 14k fine nib. One of my first fountain pens, I bought it new in 1995. The fine line writes smaller than the cursive italic or stub nibs.


Another good writer, my Lamy Studio, belongs in this category. I know this medium nib is the same as a Safari or AL-Star, but something about this Studio I really like. I tend to keep DeAtramentis Sherlock Holmes in it which matches the pen nicely.

nib on cap

My last good writer is my Pelikan M205 Amethyst. Another medium nib, it lays down a nice amount of ink. So far I have only tried Edelstein Amethyst ink, but any ink with shading or sheen should look nicer coming out of this Pelikan nib.



These five give me choices for most normal writing tasks. If I were to pare it down, I could alternate between the INK and Nouveau – cursive italic and stub – and also between the Lamy Studio and the Pelikan M205 – both medium nibs. Of course, that would only give me 3 color choices instead of 5. Having many colors available is what I will talk about next time.

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Pick up one of your good writers and write someone a letter.

Caligraphy Jack


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