2016 DC Pen Show Events

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If like me, you could not attend the 2016 DC Pen Show, I have collected some links. Have fun living vicariously through some great people in the pen community.

Starting with the #dcpenshow2016 Instagram tag generates mouth watering lust for the beautiful pens, inks, and other goodies. You will also discover pictures of the people that really make the shows great.

You will find more pictures and a nice write-up by Ana at the Well Appointed Desk. Ana’s post highlights some of the interesting people.

At the Gentleman Stationer,  2016 DC Pen Joe has broken his report into two posts, both loaded with pictures. Start with 2016 D.C. PEN SHOW RECAP: FRIDAY AND SATURDAY and finish up with 2016 DC PEN SHOW RECAP: SUNDAY AND OVERALL IMPRESSIONS.

Fountain Pen Quest also has a Washington DC Pen Show 2016 Recap.

The Inkdependence mega post shows many, many pens and goodies along with the people making, selling, and buying them.

My favorite write-up comes from Father Kyle waxing poetically at Reverenced Writing. For example:

Rolling foothills of Sailor Bungbox Norwegian Wood and Caran d’Ache Delicate Green meeting the Visconti Turquoise sky made most of our drive a pleasure.

If you get tired of reading, these video posts could be for you: Figboot on Pens and The Purl Bug.

Reading and watching all these reports differs greatly from actually going to the show. Sometimes it is the best you can do. Take the time and enjoy the show from a distance.

Write down your upcoming plans for connecting with pen people.

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