All Fountain Pens, All the Time?

I was listening to Brad and Myke on the Pen Addict episode 202 and was intrigued by the pre-fountain pen discussion. Almost every thing I had at my desk was a fountain pen.

* Franklin-Christoph 02
* Pilot Vanishing Point
* Franklin-Christoph Pocket 40
* pair of Sheaffer Snorkels in a desk set

I did have my iconic Retro 51 Jack, a Karas Pen Co EDK, and a Palamino Blacking Pearl readily available. But what I had been using that morning were fountain pens. So I had the feeling that gel pens, roller balls, pencils, etc. were not part of my daily use. But as I paid attention to the rest of my day, I discovered I was wrong.

The first things that happened was I realized that my A5 notebook, used for a mix of work and personal items, did not have all the pages numbered. In fact I had used lots of pages past the pages I had numbered. Since I keep the first page as a table of contents to important items, this is a problem. So I decided to number them. A fountain pen is too slow for this because it takes much longer to dry than to turn the page and number the next one. So I turned to my EDK for this duty. Score 1 for roller balls.

Next, when I got home my lovely bride was planting some new plants. I helped her with the last couple and then when to get my landscaping notebook to document it. For that I use a Uni Style Fit with 3 gel refills: brown, green and red. Score 1 (or is it 3?) for gel pens.

Later in the evening, my phone reminds me to test the aquarium water. Working around the aquarium and water samples I use a Write In The Rain notebook. I used to use a Fisher Space Pen for that but have switched to a 0.3 Hi-Tec C in black to allow smaller writing. Score another 1 for gel pens.

This got me to thinking and I found a Sharpie Pen, 0.38 Signo DX in brown/black and a Kura-Toga mechanical pencil at the ready in my computer bag. I also remembered a 0.7 Uni Power Tank blue ball point in both our vehicles. The Power Tank is known for working even after months in a hot or cold car. It can be found with a original Field Notes in the glove box.

So while I use fountain pens a lot, I still have plenty of uses for my other pens.IMG_1289