My Modern Pens

Here is a picture of my modern pens. You can hover over them to see the name. I want to add a page about each one, but that will take some time. I will say that the first ones I bought were the Sheaffer Legacy and the Red Dune Waterman Expert in 1995. The most recent one is the Charged Green Lamy AL Star purchased in February 2016.


On the left is my Franklin-Christoph Pocket 40 in Ice and Cinnamaroon.

The top row is from left to right:

  • Franklin-Christoph Model 02 Anderson Pens Edition
  • Sheaffer Legacy
  • Edison Nouveau Premiere Majestic Pine (Goulet Pens Winter 2014/2015 Special)
  • Waterman Expert Blue Dune
  • Waterman Expert Red Dune
  • Karas Kustoms Ink 1.0 with custom clip
  • Lamy Studio Imperial Blue
  • TWSBI 580 USA
  • Noodler’s Creeper

The bottom row is from left to right:

  • Lamy AL Star Copper Orange (2015 special edition)
  • Lamy AL Star Charged Green (2016 special edition)
  • Lamy AL Star Purple
  • Lamy Safari Blue
  • Pilot Metropolitan White Tiger
  • Jinhao X750 Frosted Black
  • Jinhao X750 Shimmering Sands
  • Pelikan Twist
  • Noodler’s Charlie